About Flow

There is so much to say about Flow, only a little could possibly be conveyed here. Flow is what happens when you take someone with a natural inclination to heal, add plenty of wild, a dash of determination and a generous sprinkling of  love for life in general. I'm Claire Ivey; trained and extensively experienced in Ecology and Wildlife Conservation, I love the outdoors. Loving all things green from a very young age, I put natural approaches at the heart of everything I do. Blessed with the the spirit of a healer, I have spent my career facilitating and encouraging engagement and personal growth for people in the natural environment.


Based in Dorset, UK some services are available worldwide and others on a more local scale, please check the details for the sessions that are of interest for specifics.


Long interested in Reiki, I have undertaken training to master level in traditional Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki and utilise other complimentary  healing techniques, including massage therapy.


I have training and experience of skills and techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and comprehensive experience of supporting people to flourish. I have decided to dedicate my time to helping others reach their full potential and live a life that makes their soul smile



Let it Flow

Personal Growth Facilitation and Spiritual Mentorship

Energetic and emotional blockages can run deeply and have an impact on both physical and mental health. Personal Growth Facilitation and Spiritual Mentorship helps you address problems that stunt your growth at their source.  Learning the techniques and lessons that help maintain a balanced, peaceful and prosperous life as we set the foundations for you to work from. I take a 'whole person' approach to this and together we explore and reset any aspects of your life that are holding you back from the life you desire. Each programme is personalised and developed to meet your specific needs and aims. This 8 week programme can help with any area of your life you are struggling with; from shadow work and integration, implementing boundaries, banishing abundance blocks, health and wellbeing, spiritual growth and everything in between!  

Facilitating personal growth and the programme offered here has developed as a result of many years experience, education and professional development. The sessions on offer here are unique to Flow and are not available from other practitioners.


Natural Healing

My love and deep respect for plants has lead me to develop skills that utilise the healing potential of herbs. I have many years experience growing, foraging and using herbs. Many of the herbs I use have been grown or foraged by me, ensuring the highest quality of products possible. I am able to offer herbal consultation and dispensing of bespoke herbal remedies prepared just for you. I also offer workshops, teaching you to harness the power of plants for yourself. Please check the booking page for dates and locations. 

I offer Shinrin Yoku experiences. This is the Japanese practise of forest bathing, which is often used to manage depression and anxiety. Engaging with the natural world in a measured and mindful way helps bring us back to the here and now. During these sessions I teach practises to help you gain the maximum benefit of every interaction with the natural world.

What is Reiki?

Translated from Japanese, Reiki means universal or life energy. Reiki can be used to aid the healing of almost any emotional, physical or mental ailment.


How Does it Work?

Reiki has resulted from the uncovering of ancient teachings by Master Usui. From his work and lifetime dedication we have the current Reiki system - Master to student gifting of the necessary attunements to perform Reiki channeling. Reiki students learn a sacred system of energy channeling. Energy is shared via the practitioner to the patient after attunement and practice. Reiki energy is just as effective if shared in person in a physical location or shared over distance.


Reiki practitioners, I like to think of it, are a bit like a radio receiver. The source will always be broadcasting, but you need something capable of tuning into the frequency if you wish to feel the benefit. There are many courses available if you wish to learn Reiki, as far as I am concerned the benefit is in learning - choose as you wish. I am happy to recommend a reiki teacher.


Teaching is not something I currently offer for any of my services or programmes. My practice has resulted from a lifetime of learning and growing; I am considering opening up a professionally accredited learning opportunity when time allows.