Floral essences capture the vibrational energy of the plants infused into pure, filtered water. Every bloom has its own vibrational frequency and essence, creating its own unique theraputic use. Combining certain blooms into floral essences allows gentle yet strong support for your chakras. The floral essences created by Flow are individually infused with reiki energy prior to dispatch, giving them a truly unique and effective impact. 


Plants have been a lifelong passion which has given me with a truly personal connection to their magic. The blends and individual blooms included in these essences are all carefully hand picked and grown by Flow in our apothecary garden. 


This set contains 1x 30ml bottle of each of the seven chakra support floral essences.

Full Set of 7 Chakra Floral Essences

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  • 7 x 30ml bottles, one of each chakra support floral essences. Can be stored at room temperature.