I approached Flow to discuss the 'Let it Flow' personal growth programme. I was very nervous and not really sure what to expect. Claire's calm and supportive approach to this, right from the connection call, settled any anxiety I had about engaging with this. I am now just over half way through my personalised plan and the difference in me is just incredible! I feel more in touch with myself than I ever remember before. My friends and family are convinced some kind of miracle has taken place these last few weeks. I suppose it has really! I am so excited to see what other things are in store as we complete the rest of my exploration and celebration of self. - PR

I truly appreciate what u doing for me. I honestly feel as if a burden has been lifted. I feel care-free and rejuvenated.

Will be sharing my experience on your page. It's amazing how reiki works, I wouldn't believe it if I haven't experienced it first hand.God Bless...     Much Love from Durban, South Africa

Spending time with Claire is like spending time with nature dressed up in human form. Her gentle aura of humble wisdom is wonderful. She mindfully guides in an unhurried and completely natural way, a rare treasure of a person in this day and age. I have now used several of the services that Flow have on offer and I will keep coming back. I asked Claire if she would consider a bespoke 1-2-1 medicinal forgae, which wasn't listed on the services page. She was happy to oblige and it was such a worthwhile experience. Honestly, nothing is too much trouble for this lady. If you are looking for something truly special, look no further. Words just are not doing justice. - Louise C.

I am so glad I met Claire! I've had joint and back pains for many years and found her treatments have really helped; I can finally sleep fully at night. I'm a Reiki first timer and Claire put me at ease with her friendly approach. - RJ

I have various medical complaints, I experience a lot of pain related to arthritis. I asked Claire if she thought Reiki would help. Since I started having weekly distance treatments I feel so much better! My discomfort has eased and I move better than I have for a long time. I recommend this to anyone! - Sue H.

Claire is such a dedicated and kind soul. I thoroughly enjoyed our Natural Reset session (also called Shinrin Yoku). In what seemed like a very short time I destressed, relaxed and was able to learn techniques like grounding that have helped me maintain a sense of balance and peace. Thanks Claire, you really are a diamond. - Mike B.